XLR30 - Long Range Laser Distance Sensor


The XLR30 is a high accuracy long range laser distance sensor suitable for many industrial applications whether indoor or outdoor for measuring distances up to 30 m without a reflector and up to 100 m with a reflector. The sensor is supplied with a convenient setup software which also has graphing and recording functions.

Quick Spec

Target Measuring range Resolution Accuracy Measuring rate
Direct to object 0.1-30 m 0.1 mm ±3 mm 50 Hz maximum
Using Reflector 0.1-100 m 1 mm ±5 mm 50 Hz maximum

Operating principle

The XLR30 laser distance sensor uses the principle of comparative phase shift to measure the distance to almost any material or surface.


  • Distance measurement
  • Monitoring of hoisting equipment position
  • Log gap sensing
  • Carriage position measurement
  • Trolley position measuring
  • Positioning of mobile equipment
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Fill levels of bulk materials
  • Position monitoring
  • Crane position monitoring
  • Automatic storage handling position
  • Level monitoring
  • Hot billet/slab position measurement
  • Collision warning
  • Silo level monitoring
  • Material handling applications



Rugged construction Suitable for use in all types of tough industrial environments with years of trouble-free operation
Compact design Easily fitted into existing equipment
Simple to interface Communication direct from the sensor, no separate processor needed. Convenient programmable analogue, serial RS232 or RS422 or Profibus and SSI
Non-reflector measurement Measures direct to almost any object up to range of 30 m
Safe Visible class 2 laser no precautions needed during installation or operation
Easy to configure Supplied with simple windows software to configure the sensor
High accuracy High-quality construction ensures high accuracy for all types of applications
Options & accessories Large range of accessories means that the sensor is suitable for most applications straight out of the box

Measuring range (direct to object)* ¹ 30 m (98ft)
Measuring range (reflective target)* ¹ 100 m (328ft)
Measuring accuracy*² ±3mm ( 15°C to 30°C)±5mm (-10°C to 50°C)
Measuring resolution 0.1 mm
Repeatability ≤0.5 mm
Measuring rate 0.02 to 6 seconds
Serial  (2400-38,400 bit/sec) RS232 (XLR30.1) or Serial RS422 (XLR30.2)
Analogue 4-20 mA user programmable range
Profibus / SSI XLR30.3 version only
Trigger input Trigger edge and trigger delay, adjustable
Laser class Class 2,  ≤ 1mW power, 650 nm visible
Operating temperature -10°C to 60°C
Protection class IP65
Dimensions (L x W x H) 212 x 96 x 50 mm
Supply voltage 10-30 VDC

*¹Dependant on target reflectivity, stray light influences and atmospheric conditions

*²statistical spread 95%