Laser measuring sensors



PreciCura – Brochure

laser distance sensors. High accuracy range of laser triangulation sensors

PreciCura Road

PreciCura – Road Brochure

High precision laser sensors for road profiling and inspection

PreciLine Lasers

PreciLine Lasers Brochure

Line projection lasers and laser guidelines.

RoadRun Sensor Data Sheet

High precision laser sensors for road profile measurement


XLR30 Data Sheet

Long range industrial laser distance sensor up to 100 m range


MX8000 Data Sheet

Moistrex paper moisture analyzer

Clay Moisture in brickworks - application note

Clay moisture Application Note

On-line moisture measurement of clay in brickworks


Building products industry & gypsum measuring systems



GMS1100 Brochure

Gypsum board thickness, width & edge profile measuring system

Falcon Eye

FalconEye Brochure

Gypsum board surface inspection system

Panel Profiler

PanelProfiler Brochure

Non-contact thickness profile measuring system for all types of panels and boards.


PreciLogger Brochure

Non-contact thickness or width measuring system

Application Notes

Measurement at Sanders Application Note 

Measurement before and after sanders with PanelProfiler

Metallurgical measuring systems


BarProfiler-3D Brochure

Mill gauge for measuring round, square, hex or rectangular hot rolled bars


TubeProfiler Brochure

Mill gauge for measuring diameter & shape profile of hot tubes


SlabProfiler-3D Brochure

Width & edge profile measurement of slabs in continuous caster plants


WireProfiler Brochure

Mill gauge for measurement of wire rod in hot rolling mills

LaserSpeed Auto-tracker Brochure

Length measurement of blooms, billets, sections or slabs

Application Notes

Coil Edge Profile Application Note

PreciCura LR laser for width and edge profile of steel coils

Slab positioning Application Note

Slab positioning at furnace entry using LIMAB lasers

  Thickness Measurement Application Note 

Thickness measurement for slitting lines and plates

LaserSpeed Pro non-contact speed & length measuring systems all industries


LaserSpeed Pro LS4500-9500 OLG Brochure

Non-contact speed & length measurement for non metals applications

LaserSpeed Pro Metals Brochure

Non-contact speed and length measurement for metals applications

Application Notes


OSB Application Note

On using the LaserSpeed for length control on the cutting of OSB panels


Slitter/Rewinder Application Note

On using the LaserSpeed for high accuracy non-contact length measurement of product supplied on rolls


Continuous Casting Application Note

Using LaserSpeed for accurate non-contact measurement of speed and length on continuous casters


Mass Flow AGC Application Note

Using LaserSpeeds for improved mass flow automatic gauge control on cold rolling strip mills


Stonewool Application Note

Using LaserSpeed to improve the accuracy and reliability of cutting insulation material to length


Gypsum Board Application Note

Using LaserSpeed to improve the accuracy of cutting gypsum board to length

Cut-to-Length Application Note

Describing the benefits of replacing rotary encoders on cut-to-length lines to improve repeatability and accuracy of cutting

Sawmill measuring systems



TSorter Brochure

Non-contact thickness and width measuring system for sorting of timber in sawmills


BoardProfiler Brochure

Complete board scanning system for sawmill optimization and automation

ProfiCura Dim Brochure

Cove or cup detection of boards in sawmills


LMS6048 Length Gauge

Brochure Non-contact board length measurement for sawmills

   BoardProfiler 3D Sawmill optimisation brochure Scanning of boards on linear & transverse conveyors
 boardprofiler-3d-te-tr-115-x-155  BoardProfiler 3D-T brochure transverse measurement systems for edger and rip-saw optimisation  boardprofiler-3d-le-lr-115-x-155  BoardProfiler 3D-L Brochure lineal scanning for edger and rip-saw optimisation

Application Notes

Pallet Production Application Note Floor Production Application Note
   Optimisation of log gaps Application Note