What Our Customers Say… Tata Steel

Tata Steel Corby Works, manufactures approximately 250,000 tonnes per year of thin-wall welded tube from steel strip for use in a range of applications, including construction, engineering and energy infrastructure market sectors

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality structural hollow sections, we are finding that some customers are demanding tubes with an improved straightness tolerance, even higher than the industry standards. Although we are able to produce tubes that meet the requested specification, we also need to be able to guarantee consistency by measuring the tubes during manufacture and to do this manually would be very costly and time-consuming. With our constant desire to improve product quality and process capability, we wanted to introduce an in-line method to measure each tube automatically, during the manufacturing process.  We contacted LIMAB UK as we were already using their laser measurement equipment at other Tata Steel facilities.

We had a series of meetings, where we discussed our requirements and LIMAB UK listened, advised and found solutions for us. LIMAB UK built and delivered their TubeProfiler 3D  measurement system, which was integrated into our tube transportation line. We have been very impressed with LIMAB UK as a supplier and with how quickly the system was installed and commissioned. We now have accurate straightness and length measurements as well as a statistical record of every tube, that we produce on this line. We now consider this equipment an essential part of our production process to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality tubes. As a result of the positive outcome from the first installation, we have decided to invest in a second system for our other line and based on my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending LIMAB UK.

Greg Carter, Customer Technical Services Engineer at Tata Steel Corby Works


If you would like to find out how the implementation of a LIMAB TubeProfiler 3D could improve your manufacturing processes, please visit our website or contact our product specialist.