What Our Customers Say…Butt Foods


Butt Foods is a family-owned bakery business in Nottingham that has been baking naan bread since 1990 and now supplies flatbreads, sub rolls, and other specialty bread to the developing foodservice sector.

“We initially contacted LIMAB UK as we wanted to ensure that the naan breads that we were supplying to our customers were of the utmost quality and were as fresh as possible at the point of purchase.

Our naan breads are supplied in Nitrogen flushed form sealed packs and it is essential that the seal is completely airtight to avoid any possible contaminants getting into the packaging.

We, therefore, needed a solution that would allow us to test the seal integrity of the packaging and so after discussions with the highly knowledgeable staff at LIMAB, they recommended a Dynascan LeakVIEW.

The LeakVIEW enables us to visually detect any possible leaks in the seals of the packaging through bubble emission testing.  

The naan bread packs are placed in a clear Perspex test chamber, which is filled with water; the headspace is placed under a predetermined vacuum level causing the packing under test to inflate. Should any leaks be present a stream of bubbles will be emitted showing the location of the leak in a faulty seal.

By using the LeakVIEW we were able to ascertain that if the packaging is sealed correctly it will not rupture even at the highest vacuum level. We improved the quality system by batch testing packs throughout the production process and we introduced an industry recognised ASTM standard to our quality system for seal integrity testing.

Throughout the purchase process, we were impressed with the expertise of all the staff at LIMAB, the support that they provided, and the ultimate product that they supplied.

The LeakVIEW was so easy to set up and use, it requires no calibration or electrical supply and we found that minimum training was needed.

We have achieved our goal and we now feel confident that the packaging we are supplying our naan breads in is fit for purpose and our customers will be able to enjoy the product at its best.”

Danesh Butt, Managing Director – Butt Foods