Laser sensors & measuring systems




building products

On-Line NIR moisture gauges

food processing





for wood based panels
and building products

Continuous in-process measurements,
improving quality and reducing costs

Food Processing

Measurement of moisture, fat,
and protein for the food industry.

Continuous on-line and
at-line sample measurement.

Measuring systems

Dimensional measurement
Concast, hot mills, cold mills

Speed, length, width, thickness, profile

Minerals and Bulk

In-process moisture measurement of minerals
and bulk materials

Continuous monitoring for optimising process
control and quality

Laser measurement
& scanning systems
for sawmills

measurement and control
for sawmills

3D log scanning & optimisation,
board scanning, thickness, width, length

Paper &

On-line measurement of coat
weight thickness moisture length
and speed.

Non-contact length, distance & moisture measurement solutions

non-contact laser measurement systems

LIMAB non-contact measuring solutions for multiple industry sectors.

We help our customers to be better at what they do by our implementation of process measuring sensors and non-contact measurement systems. Our goal is to optimise your processes efficiency, reduce your waste and improve your product quality. We do this through our specialist industry knowledge and our extensive range of laser measurement, non-contact laser, NIR based measuring sensors, pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras. Our non-contact measuring systems provide the measurement of thickness, length, speed, dimensions, temperature, profile, moisture and protein. With our non-contact distance measurement systems and non-contact moisture measurement solutions, we are serving the requirements of the metals, sawmill, building materials, chemicals, minerals, bulk materials and the food processing industries. We provide sales and service for the UK, Ireland and Benelux regions.

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