FalconEye Gypsum Board Surface Inspection System

Gypsum Board Surface Inspection


FalconEye is for gypsum board surface inspection, a complete stand-alone system for on-line surface inspection of gypsum boards. The system will alert immediately a surface defect appears. Every board will be consistently graded and its image stored for archiving purposes. The recipe handling module allows each product to have individual criteria for quality sorting and reject limits.

Faults Detected

The FalconEye is for gypsum board surface inspection it will detect all types of surface defects that can be found on gypsum boards down to a size of 1mm². These defects may originate from the paper, faults with the forming belts or problems with the gypsum core, all will be identified. Typical faults that the system will detect include:

  • Scratches
  • Orange peel
  • Finger cockling
  • Grooves
  • Paper tension
  • Paper splices
  • Depressions
  • Foreign particles
  • Colour spots

Protected installation

The system is designed to give trouble-free operation in the harsh environment below the wet belt. Powerful blower system is supplied that constantly provides the camera enclosures with pressurised filtered air. The air exits from the camera apertures preventing the cameras from contamination from falling dust. Additional protection is provided by means of a mechanical shutter that will automatically close to prevent falling debris contaminating the cameras during production start up and stops. The lighting is provided by long life high-intensity LED source.

FalconEye is the first surface inspection system designed specifically for the gypsum industry. Developed using LIMAB’s know-how gained through installations of hundreds of a gypsum inspection systems supplied around the world. The system will identify and categorise the types of faults and highlight them on screen. Alarm outputs will activate if the fault exceeds acceptable limits.

FalconEye Main Operator Screen


FalconEye – Specification

Board width (maximum) 1500 mm (60″)
Board length Unlimited
Production line type Continuous or cut boards
Line speed (maximum) 275 m/min (800 ft/min)
Board thickness No limit
Defect size sensitivity 1 x 1 mm at 60 m/min

1 x 3 mm at 180 m/min

Power supply 230 VAC/115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Ambient tempurature 0-40 Deg C
PC High end PC with Raid drives, Windows XP OS
Interfaces Ethernet TCP/IP (PC-PC/PLC)

HTL 24V (digital alarm outputs)

Cameras Dual high-speed line scan cameras 2000 Hz
Protection Class IP64 (NEMA 4X)
Lighting LED 600 lumen
Blower capacity 690 cubic m/hour (0.55 kW)